Josh Wagner

Jason B. Meier. If you don’t know this esoteric figure of Missouliality, be advised, Jason has actually died and come back to life. I want to say twice, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I get a lot of support from friends in my life, but this guy’s way up there on the list. He’s my tech whisperer, host of my websites, and solver of all my problems web-related. Magic fingers tap tap tap.

If you need reliable, local web hosting of the dark arts, check him out. He’s not a typical business-vision kind of feller. Jason’s early passion for fiction drew him into a personal study of philosophy, psychology, science and religion. One dream from his younger years was to start a museum of religions, so people could look at them side-by-side. A sort of comparative religions made flesh. Curation is still at the heart of what he does. As a web host you work with all kinds of dreams, and his dream is to use technology to manifest other people’s passions and life’s work.

Proud of JBMBots, and grateful as all heck for everything he’s done for me.

sites: joshwagner.org , books.joshwagner.org , nothinginmind.com , avet.nothinginmind.com , thechangingthings.comadryanmg.joshwagner.org , deadwindsea.joshwagner.org , fictionclemens.joshwagner.org , peripherystowe.joshwagner.org  , lucyfurr.joshwagner.org , salepandsilk.joshwagner.org , shapes.joshwagner.org , smashinglaptops.joshwagner.org , and impossibleclock.joshwagner.org

DJ Heart

Jason from JBMBots has been handling my website for the last couple of years. He is excellent at what he does. His ability to help with remote support is so quick and convenient. I would recommend his services to anyone needing great local web hosting and support.

sites: djheartmissoula.com, stream.djheartmissoula.com

Antonio Dromomaniaco

Jason from JBMBots has been helping me with my my website since I started doing my blog this year. He is excellent at what he does. he has a lot of knowledge and creativity. I would recommend his services to anyone. he know what he is doing and creates good hosting. highly recommended.

sites:  http://antoniodromomaniaco.com